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Sheenly Lighting Co., Ltd.

LED panel lights, LED linear vaportight lights, LED linear wraparounds, LED bay lights, LED flat panel downlights

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  • Phone: +86-21-6411-3138
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    Bldg 22, Xuhui International, No.1688 Lianhang Road, Minhan District, Shanghai, China
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Company Profile
Founded in 2009 by Jeff Bi, Sheenly Lighting designs and manufactures LED panel lights, LED linear vaportight lights, LED linear wraparounds, LED bay lights, LED flat panel downlights and classic-shape LED downlights. Sheenly high performance products are known for sleek design that easily complement most modern decors and provide unobtrusive seamless lighting for a variety indoor spaces. Along with superior operational performance, optimum functionality, excellent reliability and durability, low energy consumption and minimal maintenance requirements, Sheenly's products deliver cutting-edge technology and a superb style and level of integration.

Headquatered in Shanghai, Sheenly Lighting's infrastructure has grown far beyond its humble beginnings. The company's manufacturing facility in Minhang, Shanghai covers an area of 6,800 square meters. In 2014 a new, modern factory that encompasses 40,000 square meters went into operation in Qidong, Jiangsu province. The new facility dramatically increases the company's production potential with fully automated high volume production systems. Paired with the unique wealth of industry experience and engineering experience that has been developed through relentless dedication to technological innovation and manufacturing excellences, Sheenly Lighting is advantageously positioned to offer value-added turnkey solutions.

With an uncompromising emphasis on continuous improvement in all aspects of the business to providing exceptional value, quality, and service to its customers, Sheenly Lighting has built itself an international presence and has been trusted and recognized for its consistent value creation through a robust manufacturing value chain, marke-driven product innovation and strong service commitment. Among Sheenly's prestigious customer lists include, but not limited to, Bayer, IKEA, H&M, Carrefour, Parkson, American Development Group, Sedico GmbH & Co. KG, Eco-Fx, etc. Sheenly continues to maintain the highest standards for style, quality and value, while remaining committed to complete customer satisfaction.
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